Peer Review Papers

Peer Review Papers

Now this is exciting.  You are about to enter the world of published writing.  It feels dangerous because you are opening up your heart and thoughts for others to examine.  We are all looking for praise and shy away from critique.  But think of the analogy.  A master weapons maker is making a sword out of a hunk of elongated metal.  The process is something like this: heat the metal until it is malleable.  Take the iron from the fire and place it firmly upon the anvil.  Take a large hammer and strike one side of the iron.  Flip the metal over and hit the other side.  The master  will repeat the process again and again until he is completely satisfied with his work.  

The analogy is the process is painful for the iron.  But you will find anvils in your writings.  Those people who support you.  You will also find people who disagree with you and are hammers banging away at your position.

There is a lot of knowledge in the world and found through out history.  I must admit, I do not know everything – or really much of anything.  But what I am willing to do is learn.  I want to find my God working in my life.  Some roads are easier than others.  But when God reveals something ‘deep’ to me I want to make sure it is Him and not a mere fantasy of ideas.  Scriptures teach us that wisdom is found in many counselors.  

When you submit your paper, you are asking others to help you see the strengths of your thoughts or the weakness’ of them as well.  Weaknesses are not bad.  For me I learned that I just have not explained a concept well enough for the listener or reader to understand.  That critique just helps me learn to clarify something I see in my head, into a better vocabulary so that someone else’s head can grasp what I am thinking.  War’s have been started over the misuse of a single word.  That is what we will avoid.

Thank you for taking the time of writing out your own thoughts.  We all learn how long it takes after we start doing it.  Thank you for being willing to let it be exposed to praise and criticism.  Make it an experience to help you refine your thought.  Remember, one day each one of us will stand before our Lord Jesus to give an account on what we believe and how that thought influenced our lives.  One of the excuses I hope to avoid is the “Well, I believed this because Bob told me it was true.”  Not having a conviction of my own.  It is a brave step, but steps are the only way to move forward.