Let Me Be Known

Let Me Be Known

When I read “In the beginning God said ‘Let there be light,” I would think of the physical creation of the universe.  I want to change that a bit.  That seems a bit too easy for God. Oh, it is big don’t get me wrong.  Creating quantum fields out of nothing is no small feat.   Pondering on my bed before falling asleep I asked God to explain Himself to me in a deeper way.  My mind floated through many verses of Scriptures dealing with light.  From God sitting on His throne surrounded by a rainbow, to God dwelling in unapproachable light and that God is light.   God did something much grander in those words.  Instead of the common big bang physics

In the beginning God said, “Let me be known.”  Everything after that is just icing on a cake.

The infinite is knowable by the finite.  Now there is a miracle!  He began to interact with a created universe.  Then God begins to create a median through which all creation may know him.  God wants to be known; He wants to be found.  He doesn’t need creation; He wants creation to find Him.  It was like turning on a flashlight in the dead of night, it cannot be missed.  He is that great light, and through our Lord, He gives this light to every man coming into the world.  The infinite can be found by the finite.  The words I thought of were – grace, pure grace.

The thoughts continued to swirl around the concept of “Let me be known” and God is light.  I thought of Johns the description of God’s throne room in Revelation 4. It is the only place in Scriptures, that I can think of, where God the Father is described.  The Father is described only in colors of certain stones.   What struck me was that John described the color as a stone, not the single-color jasper. There is no single color of jasper in a jasper stone.  Stone mountains, permanent and unmovable. It is in this throne room, at this throne, where the infinite meets the finite. The throne is the singularity.   Bursting from this infinite entrance into the finite creates a blast of a rainbow.  Again, a rainbow in the appearance of an emerald.  I can only imagine what the beloved Apostle saw.

God is so big that the whole of creation could not contain even a portion of who He is. God chooses to manifest Himself at the throne and all creation is rightfully at His feet.  He is like the architect that designed a 20,000 sq/ft house.  He could have made it bigger or smaller, but He made it exactly right for the owners.  But the problem with this is that there is no way for the guest of the owner to know the architect who designed it.  The guests only see’s His handy work.  God is infinite and therefore, how to communicate with the finite?

I see that God had two options: create a  finite creation able to understand the infinite (which seems an absurd option but I guess it could have been done) or, the other option, the infinite God becomes focused into a place and time into the finite reality for them to understand.  Sort of a living example to understand what infinity would do and look like in a finite limited world. 

One of the most amazing points in my life when I was talking with my middle son, Peter.  Peter was still 17 and a senior in High School.  He was in an online debate with someone in the world about his Christian faith and he was asked “How can you prove God exists?”  That really perked my curiosity and I had to ask him how he responded.  His answer was so simple which made it profound.  I sat in amazement in his answer.  You see, I would have answered the questioner with the five proofs of God’s existence that I had been taught.  Those arguments are still very effective and they are the ontological, teleological, cosmological, historical and personal experience arguments.  I would try to steer the argument into those areas.  Something, after hearing Peters answer, I realize is not the best way of handling online apologetics (for many different reasons unrelated to this pondering).    His answer to this online question was profoundly simple.  He replied to the challenge of “How can you prove God exists?” was “Look at Jesus.  Explain him.”  That was it.  I sat dumbfounded.

The communication found in the throne room of God found in Revelation 4 is a one way is all one way.  It is about the four living creatures and twenty four elders proclaiming God’s holiness and throwing crowns before the throne, only to presume they will go and pick them back up again to throw once again when the creatures proclaim their holy statement both day and night.  I know it is symbolism but the scene in Revelation 4 is not where I stopped my pondering.  For I was pondering “let me be known” and the beauty of light.  I was still in the throne room enjoying seeing God. 

Before the insertion of chapters and verses in the 16th century written letters were not broken up to put pause points but were for continuous train of though.  So common a problem today, chapter four is different than chapter five.  The last verse in chapter four may not have anything to do with the first verse of chapter five.  It is subtle but very profound in our modern thought.  Thankfully, I have learned to overcome this in my ponderings, so I leave chapter four flowing into chapter five without a pause.  For in chapter five we find a Lamb “in the midst of the throne having the seven Spirits of God…”  A Lamb as though it had been slain.  This led me to think, Jesus had already been on earth.  Jesus, the perfect representation of the infinite God here on earth.  Infinity all within the person of Jesus.

Now back to my ponderings.  The finite creation saw something infinite in the Hand of the One who sat on the Throne.  But no one could take it for it was from the infinite being and they were just finite creatures, not matter how great, it was far too great of a message to entrust to finiteness.  First, no created being has the power to understand, then bear the infinite message let alone fulfilling its mandates.  But John had the message of the Lamb.

The finite hears from the infinite totally unknowable God through the person of God the Son.  Jesus himself said “I am the light of the world… and l am the light of life.”  If we look for singularity in the study of physics, then I would have to point them to Jesus.  Everything infinite present in the finite.  All that I can understand of infinity is through Jesus.  When I thought of God is light, or let me be known, I thought of Jesus.  Jesus always said, “Come unto me” or “through me”.  Never did he say, “Go over there and you will find God” nor “go to the temple, use a sacrificial system or be a good person and God will be happy with you.”  Because it is said of Jesus “Through him all things were made” and “For in him all things were created; things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible…”.  Jesus never had to point to anything other than himself.  If you ever want to know what the infinite God says or thinks then remember that Jesus is the exact representation.

The Apostle John said “God is light” and Jesus said of himself “I am the light…”  The last point I imagined in my head was that of the emerald rainbow bursting all around God’s throne.  We have all seen them and stand amazed at the sight of a rainbow in the sky.  Light is just the sum total of every spectrum of wavelengths together.  What is amazing is that it takes an object to produce color.  A ruby is red because it absorbs all the spectrum of light except red, which it reflects for the eye to observe.  When Jesus said to  let my  light shine, I remembered “Jesus you are my light” but I can reflect the best I can, but I will always be just a few colors of your light.  But together with other children of God, we will make a beautiful rainbow.  Beauty, all because God said “Let me be known.”