Philosophical Theology

This is the section where we discuss “how” we think things work.  I know many people do not like the term philosophy but philosophy is just the study of knowledge. Our thoughts and beliefs cannot be scientifically measured so they must fall into some category of studies – hence philosophy. Our beliefs and thoughts can be examined, challenged and debated because they are concepts formed in our heads by our reasoning and rationale. Sometimes our life experiences give us faulty reasoning and rationales. Sometimes our life experiences gives us a greater understanding than others.

Everyone believes what they think is true. If it wasn’t then why would I believe it? These topics tend to be like homeowners defending their homes. It is mine and I cannot let you change it. Honestly, to enter into the foray of this forum I ask for maturity. I think of the young believer who was taught in the “correct” doctrine from their teachers trying to make the world conform to their world view while the older and more experienced in the Christian life sits back and says “It doesn’t always fit that way.”

Personally, I would be embarrassed to go back into time to some of the ‘dark medieval’ ages and defend our current enlightened Christian doctrines. But hey, that is what this forum is about.

Need three buttons here:

Active posts – We need to make a table with current ongoing discussions: topic title and the tally of responses. Then the person clicks on the title and they are directed to that thread.

Archived posts – We need to make a database so when a topic goes silent for a week it is stored there and removed from the active posts section

Submit a post – Where a person can write the beginning of a new thread, submit it for review and then I can publicize it.

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