Are you in the middle?

You know, someone who is between the typical church goer and degree theologian. You are that deep thinker. The one that wants to know why you believe what you do and, more importantly, are not afraid to contemplate and think about your positions. Then you face the problem, there is no one to bounce your studies off of. That is what this site is about.

C.S. Lewis is probably the prime example of who I am thinking of. Never claiming to be a theologian but was deeper in thought about his faith than most MDivs who parrot what was taught to them. I know that I am not dumb, I’ve met them, and I know I am not smart because I have met very smart people. What I was looking for was someone who was above my pay grade to help me in my thoughts. But where to find them?  That is what I am looking for in this website. New eyes, new ears.

What This Site is Not:

This site is not my blog spot or a place for our daily musings about life. At the beginning you will see much of my work making it appear that this is my website to tell the world what I think. These are just seeds to get it started.

This site should not devolve into the common Calvinist/Arminianist or Protestant/Catholic arguments and debate forums. There are hundreds of them out on the Web, go to them. There is no contemplation when you are rephrasing an argument used one hundred times before. There was always meaning behind what C.S. Lewis wrote, not to win an argument but to put his best case forward and leave it at that.

What This Site Should Be:

Christian Contemplation’s should be a Hub. It will be the Hub of ideas for middle voices like yours and mine. Neither published theologian nor a parrot from what they heard from the pew. Where do you see God working on a deep level? And then can you explain them. One thing I do love when reading other peoples writing are the nuggets of gold which they, at times, present. It is like going to a sermon, listen to a guy preach for an hour and walk away with only about five minutes of new insight. Solomon has already noted “there is nothing new under the sun.” I doubt any of us are an Origen, Chrysostom, Cassan, Augustine or Tertullian. There are no new thoughts, just better explanations or ways of expressing a particular subject to our culture and times.

These thoughts are definitely new to us. That is why they are so exciting. I don’t know how many times I have sat and thought “Wow, I’ve never heard this before” and begin to explore this original thought further. Then in my word studies or research, some guy two thousand years ago already espoused it. All of us can produce nuggets. If only five percent of what I have heard changes my life, or gives me greater insight, then you have succeeded for you have influenced a life. We are here to help others refine their views and not to prove them wrong.

So to be clear, this Hub is where we can introduce our “new” ideas and flesh those thoughts out. There are a few thoughts I have thunk which I was afraid to explore because of the outlash of being called a heretic. Only later in life to discover they were accepted and common practice in the Greek Orthodox Church. Trying to stay politically correct within the Western Theological world left me complete ignorant of another 40% of Christian thought. People who submit papers are looking for critiques, weaknesses and strong points for their thought. It does not mean necessarily that they believe it, but that they are exploring it. Others will believe their position and desire to have other “eyes” and “minds” help them explore that position further. Let this Hub be the place for contemplation of thought, not debating the same thing over again. It should be a place of help. Honestly, if a thought it so weird and outlandish just do not respond to it, it will die a natural death and the author will get the hint. But if it is an intriguing insight, help them out and explore it with them.